Creating Family, Fostering Love and Care

FCC’s collaboration with the Amity Foundation initiated a model foster care program placing children in nurturing foster homes. It brings the love and attention of foster parents and siblings to infants, older, and special needs children. enabling these girls and boys to grow and thrive in ways that are simply not possible in even the best run institutions.

Innovative Resource Centers Providing
Intervention Services and Parenting Support

Innovative Resource Centers Providing Intervention Services and Parenting Support

Community-based Resource Centers, an innovative program developed by Amity, provide a wide range of services to children in foster care and their families. Staffed by professionals in special education, rehabilitation, and social work, these model resource centers work directly with children. The Centers also give training and guidance to foster parents to maximize the best possible outcomes for the children in their care.

Transforming Children’s Lives

We receive detailed reports from the orphanages and the Amity Foundation on the growth and development of the children we support. The updates of their progress each year inspire our renewed commitment. A few of their stories are presented below.

YAN LAN, born with a serious medical condition, is thriving after surgery in the care of her foster family. Six years old, she is learning self-care and enjoys helping at home. For her birthday her foster mother planned a family outing to an amusement park to celebrate.

Seven-year-old YU MIN is recovering well from a congenital illness with the loving care of his foster family. Attending a community school, he is making excellent progress in his classwork, memorizing multiplication facts, mastering math operations, and learning to write Chinese characters. To encourage him, the orphanage gave Yu Min puzzles, toys, and a birthday cake.

SHU SHU, a lively four-year-old, enjoys living with his foster parents. Active in play and affectionate with family members, he can name colors, fruits, and vegetables and correctly sort items of clothing. His family often takes him to visit the countryside where he spends summer days happily playing by the seaside.